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Released 5th Sept 2017 in the UK and Europe

The micro 2017 Halloween Haunted House Tsum Tsum set is coming to Europe on September

Disney princesses got old!

Disney kind of pisses me of. I mean look at their ages, they found love with older men at these ages I mean snow white was And then people seem to think it's wrong for girls to find older men

Disney is starting 2017 out with a bang! Check out the city-exclusive Tsum Tsum box sets coming out in Paris, London, Italy, Hawaii, New York, and Chicago!

Disney is starting the new years off with a bang! Disney will release city Tsum Tsum box sets and more on January

Micro Frozen Tsum Tsum set coming to Europe on October 3, 2017!

Europe has announced its next release, a Unicorn and a micro Frozen Tsum Tsum set.

How to identify a fake Tsum Tsum?  Full guide at: http://mytsumtsum.com/beware-of-fake-tsum-tsum-plushes/

Fake Tsum Tsum plushes have began flooding the market. Take extra precaution when purchasing Tsum Tsums from a non-Disney retailer.

Halloween Tsums Japan 2016

Halloween Tsums Japan 2016

My Tsum Tsum | Disney's Tsum Tsum Plush Guide - Part 2

Tsum Tsum Tsuesdays is here! The Best of Pixar II Tsum Tsum collection and the micro Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cottage Tsum Tsum set are now

Disney Tsum Tsum - Soft & Plush Toys | Disney Store

Disney Tsum Tsum - Soft & Plush Toys | Disney Store

26 Gender-Bending Disney Characters That Actually Look Nice

26 gender-bending Disney characters^ theses are brilliantly done, all of these all exactly how I believe these characters would look like if they were the opposite gender<< best genderbend I have ever seen!