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Calvin and Hobbes, HOMEWORK - I don't want to do my homework. I want to have FUN. ...TOO MUCH STRESS IS UNHEALTHY, YOU KNOW!

hahaha I've been this mum-love the power of the "evil mum eye" learned it from a master-my own mum of course. Body language is a beautiful thing.

Wow amazing!I wonder how long ago this was!!?

Soviet Police solved 1000 crimes while trying to catch a killer - WTF fun facts<<<< jeezus Soviet Russia dafuq

Calvin and Hobbes - OH NO! I OVERSLEPT! I GOTTA GET UP! ...But it's Saturday.  ...Well sure. If this was a school day, what would I care?   --- HAPPY SATURDAY CALVIN-LAND! DA 9-27

This is the way I feel nearly every Saturday Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, September 2013

January 21, 1986

Calvin and Hobbes, Jan 1986 - Mom, can I take up the floorboards in my room and make a secret passageway?