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- But, wait, now we also have the Pay for Play Hillary/Obama Scandal going on in Congressional Hearings.

Like if your a fan of Rich people problems

United States Navy, Sailors


A sailboat passes by the sinking Panamanian cargo ship New Flame, which collided with an oil tanker Sunday in the Strait of Gibraltar, near Algeciras, .




Tom Hanks To Play Purdue Alum And Hero Pilot Sully Sullenberger In New Movie

Am I the only one who suspects that Obama has made this an urgent matter to take the focus off his plunging poll and scandals?I bet this is not by coincidence either.Wag the dog is being repeated here

Sickening liberal celebrity hypocrites love to endlessly lecture us ad nauseûm pursuant to whatever they deem to be unacceptably egregious behaviour, but overlook/condone it within their own ranks.

A decommissioned aircraft carrier turned into a 21st century cruise ship . what an idea !

Discovery of slowness/ Daniel Reist - A decommissioned aircraft carrier turned into a century cruise ship .

You don't need 30 rounds to hunt with. True, but the founding fathers didn't write the second amendment because the deer were coming.

To arms-to arms, the deer are coming! or-was-that-the-(British) regulars (army) are coming. Support the Amendment!

The Life of a College Student - Imgur

The Life of a College Student

The Life of a College Student - Funny but not😳😩😭

He has the Right.....doesn't mean the rest of US have to like it!  I personally think he could've expressed his feeling of injustice better than doing what he has done.  You want to be recognized....get out into those communities.  Spend your time/money helping them in those communities...also, get the police involved more in those communities!  Sigh, just a thought.

Kaepernick took a stand by taking a seat. Others support this Colin Kaepernick protest by kneeling down during the anthem while some burn his jerseys.

Now that’s how it’s done!

Where are these guys located so I can participate. Wait, I don't have any NFL stuff but if I did, I'd line up!

Marine leaves 30,000 people speechless when he does THIS. At 1:48 — GOOSEBUMPS

Marine leaves people speechless when he sings "God Bless America"— GOOSEBUMPS

What Are Nudes???

What Are Nudes???