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Historic Insane Asylums | Lucca, Old Insane Asylum, Tuscany, Italy

if only those walls could talk

Psychiatric Asylum - Patient in Women’s Ward, Ohio 1946 "Remember. We were fighting for our lives." -Sophie B. Olsen

Psychiatric Asylum - Patient in Women’s Ward, Ohio 1946 "Remember. We were fighting for our lives." -Sophie B.

Insane Asylums Mental Hospitals | Worcester State and Rochester New York Insane Asylums | Loveless

Worcester State and Rochester New York Insane Asylums

Men sitting in 112 degree heat and humidity, sweating, which is funneled into flasks to analyze and compare. Location: Worchester, MA, US Date taken: August 1949 Photographer: Herbert Gehr LIFE Magazine

1961, Cuenca, España. Niño en un orfanato.

30 Terroríficas fotos de psiquiátricos y asilos del pasado

Prosthodontia: "This 1942 photo shows a psychiatric patient at Patton State Hospital being prepared for the era’s cure all-Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)."

Ten terrifying treatments actually administered to patients in old sanitariums featured in "American Horror Story: Asylum", a cable television series. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is featured above.

This picture shows doctors examining a patient in the asylum at Vincennes. The doctors stand in neat, formal poses, but notice how Nègre includes the vast expanses of emptiness that are floor and ceiling. Psychiatry in those days was barbaric. Note, the patient is blindfolded, and he's rendered immobile in a straitjacket. What are these men in suits and stovepipe hats going to do to him? Nègre’s photograph screams mute horror.

Sad to think that it was fairly commonplace to commit women to insane asylums just for depression, stress, anxiety or even having opinions contrary to what was socially acceptable at the time. I totally would have been in an insane asylum

Here Are 31 Photos From Old Mental Asylums That Will Haunt Your Dreams. I'm So Glad It's Different Now

31 Haunting Photos From Old Mental Asylums

A Terrifying Asylum Tour Of The Past--Female patients receiving Radium Therapy, early century.

Pennhurst State School and Hospital morgue

Narrow - Photo of the Abandoned Pennhurst State School/ A better photo of the twin-stack with some help from a flashlight. No autopsy table was present, although there was a drain in the floor.

Pilgrim State Hospital, Brentwood, NY - Morgue cooler. In 1985 the movie "Murder: By Reason of Insanity", starring Candice Bergen, was filmed on the grounds of Pilgrim State Hospital, in Building 14. This movie was based on Adam Berwid, who had murdered his wife on a Day Pass from the hospital. Staff working at the facility were able to audition for small roles. The case was also the subject of a 1980 segment of CBS's 60 Minutes.

Pilgrim State Hospital: an Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital in Brentwood, NY

Abandoned mental asylum: Denbigh Asylum, Dinbych, Wales.  Built mid 1840s, closed 1995.

Abandoned mental asylum.

Abandoned Mental Hospital - amazing how the place looks like everyone just got up and walked out!

hellingly - nick wild   Ransom Riggs for Mental Floss

10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers Love Sneaking Into

Architecture - Abandoned Places - Incredible photography of abandoned psychiatric hospitals.

Six Abandoned Asylums with Genuinely Chilling Backstories

Six Abandoned Asylums with Genuinely Chilling Backstories