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Underverse!Sans 0.2 - Progress by JakeiArtwork

Sans - Progress by JakeiArtwork I love this animation style, and this animation, and the story, and

Undertale- HUMAN shortcomic: Sans the Troll by perfectshadow06

Trololol witness a morning into the life of the Schelton bros! XD poor paps, have to deal with this every morning. At least this is giving Sans a reaso. Undertale- HUMAN shortcomic: Sans the Troll

undertale, gaster, sans, undyne, papyrus

undertale, sans, undyne, papyrus, gaster IM CRYING ITS SO FUNNY I LOVE ITTTT--> is anyone having a dejavu moment?

Sprites of various Undertale AUs Source Notes:There was a contest on my deviantart page started about a few days ago, in which people would request me to make sprite edits of different Undertale AUs, and whats that at the bottom, yep its.

Thanks dad

undertale, sans, frisk Not usually a big fan of Sand being a dad thing-- but this was just too cute.>> I can't choose if I like sans more as frisks father figure or as dating


Undertale,фэндомы,Frisk,Undertale персонажи,Sans<<<<< don't mess with Frisk or the monsters if you want to live!

When the meet papa they will say"Ahhh, Papy your cool! What makes you think that?"XD

papyrus - omg megalovania and spear of justice *-* you fucked up, papyrus << he has made poor choices

Undertale, Sans, Frisk, chara i like those lines too xD THIS COMIC IS AWESOME

undertale, sans, frisk, chara i like those lines too xD <> Those lines he says are the sins on my back . They've been said too many times to my face beCAUSE I SUCK AT HIS BATTLE XD

This is one of the doodles from the poll I did 2 days ago xP SwapTale!Sans: W-would you go out with me, Human! Oh, well ok ^^' Sans and UnderFell!Sans: What? Poll link this is .