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I'm in the middle school faze

In middle school right now: its true! But story: one time we were supposed to have a fire drill but then a real fire happened because some Popcorn caught on fire so everyone was flipping out

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Original image by ptnphotof on Dollar Photo Club Dear Helicopter Momma….Yes, you over there lurking by my classroom window five minutes after school started, First off, I want you to know I get it. Since having my children I totally understand the overwhelming, primal urge to keep anything bad from happening to them…ever. I love...Read More »

Dear Helicopter Momma {An Open Letter to a Helicopter Parent

- We found traces of your parents' DNA all over your Science Fair project." FROM: Middle School Science Teacher Humor

combine both of those and you get someone in middle school being sick

ugh basically my life but instead of high school , middle school with honors classes

me gusta.

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Le Freshman Me Derping Around In Art Class

Le Freshman Me Derping Around In Art Class II when people ask HOW long I've been my brothers sister.it sucks