for hanging ribbons or washi tape

If it weren't for the thread loving cats, I'd totally do this in my new sewing cubby - DIY Projects: Thread Organizer from a Cork board and Toothpicks

Craft'n Texas Style: DIY Thread Organizer

DIY Thread organiser, also great for craft scissors and accessories!

Coffee cans used to store yarn!

Organize your yarns in Yarn-holding Coffee Cans!

AMAZING sewing room and organization tips! Description from I searched for this on

By Your Hands: Sewing Room Organization - Pegboard

organize your whole house with a cheap over the door shoe organizer

organization shout outs

organization shout outs! - A girl and a glue gun

turn a file cabinet into pattern storage by building compartments

Sewing patterns organised in a filing cabinet

I LOVE this part. Stylish, but so very functional.

Roller shade as a small photo backdrop. Her craftroom organization is nice too.

Thread Spool Bobbin Holder Organizer Sewing Room by ilovethathat

Thread Spool Bobbin Holder Organizer Sewing Room Accessory Rack

Thread Spool Bobbin Holder Organizer Sewing Room by ilovethathat golf tees glued onto a plastic base

Sewing Room Organization

Sewing Room Organization

Lots of ideas for organisation

Best Sewing Craftroom Organizing tips

Indretnings idé

Shelves are just a starting point: add boxes of all shapes and sizes, labeled jars, and hooks to kick your desk storage up a notch. They're great for keeping tiny odds and ends tucked away, but they also add a fun, colorful design to your office.

Do you find your sewing room a little NOT organized? Need some help organizing your fabric stash? These DIY fabric bolts will do just that!

Organizing Your Sewing Room: DIY Fabric Bolts

Organize fabric with DIY bolts from cardboard.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy wednesday: cookie tin storage bins  When I first saw the thumbnail I thought these were hatboxes, cookie tins work too. I love the idea of cordoning space inside each one and making each tin its own organizational masterpiece.

cookie tin sewing notions - great idea for any craft supplies!

Doesn't get more organized than this. We will be doing this

How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time. Run small strips of wood down the wall, lean paint bottles against wall. I need to do this, for my nail stuff and my crafts!

scrabble game for 50 cents at a yard sale and turned the letter tiles into tacks for my board! I put a dot of  E6000 glue on the back of each tile and attached a flat heat tack to each one.

Bulletin Board Makeover

attach pins to scrabble tiles for bulletin board tacks

25 Craft Room Organization Tips

25 Craft Room Organization Tips

25 Craft Room Organization Tips, like storing your twine in a sugar dispenser. Turn an upside down stool into wrapping paper storage and keep hair ties in one place by hooking them to a carabiner.