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“I love you because no two snowflakes are alike, and it is possible, if you stand tippy-toe, to walk between the raindrops.

Deja que Dios te hable y te muestre su voluntad.

I commisioned artist Shawna Erback. I told her my idea to paint.the fairy is blowing dandelion seeds which turn into faeries!

painting...forgot the artist but love her artwork

Childlike Art By Shawna Erback Art Print by Shawna Erback

Peaceful feelings

I accept God’s will for me…I will allow my life to flow through me and I will float on hope…what will be, will be! I embrace my life with love, laughter and passion… I will create magic for all!

By: Victor Nizovtev

Will Clara and O'Neill visit Maren in her ocean home? The Mermaid's Sister, award-winning novel by Carrie Anne Noble.Art By: Victor Nizovtev

Ja hem vist al blog diferents il·lustracions de Victor Nizovtsev , totes magnífiques donant versions a diferents temes. Hui volem compa...

Home art decor fantasy VINTAGE mermaid Oil painting Picture Printed on canvas / sukhodubova - Альбом "Без названия" / sukhodubova - Альбом "Без названия"