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Restore My Race Once More

Quadrants are bad and castes are fucked up: Troll Culture 101

#digital #art

#digital #art


auditorysugar: “ didisaurusrex: “ “You Doomed me…” Homestuck fanart and Sollux’s god tier fan design, yep.

The Dolorosa

The Dolorosa~ c: *transparent* Other Ancestors: The Sufferer Dualscar The Helmsman The Disciple The Condesce Redglare Mindfang The Handmaid Darkleer The Summoner The Grand Highblood

Serket Rotation So, Ancestor takes the place of Beta, Dancestor take the place of Ancestor, and Beta takes the place of Dancestor-

serket rotation Aranea(ancestors troll) -> marquise spinneret mindfang (beta troll) -> Vriska (alpha troll) -> Aranea —————————————- *just re-design. u_u -explain: *HS rotation finally.

Pieces (Homestuck: Generation Swap(

peixes rotation Meenah(ancestors troll) -> Her imperious condescension (beta troll) -> Feferi (alpha troll) -> Meenah —————————————- *just re-design. u_u -explain: *HS rotation finally.


Homestuck, Bro, Bridge

her_imperious_condescension_by_nyanyawoot-d6lazv8.png (911×876)

her_imperious_condescension_by_nyanyawoot-d6lazv8.png (911×876)

Caliborn-homestuck I love how he argues with himself and tells himself to stop because I do that all the public..while people stare...

Homestuck Caliborn, Dirk Strider, Jake English, Jane Crocker, and Roxy Lalonde

I always love this picture probably because to me it looks like a representation of Gamzee's inner struggle with his insanity (even though i know it's him and the GHB)

Gamzee meets his ancestor (The Grand Highblood) (I love Gamzee's expression in this)