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The Mountain Sasquatch T-Shirt

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A rare glimpse of Sasquatch wearing his CRM hoodie from PowerObjects.

bigfoot. digital rough sketch... 20 something minutes... psd. Buy your own poster print here! bit.ly/1DNEfe9

yes, i believe there are bigfoots out there sasquatch moon

Someone pointed me in the direction of this piece of footage (no doubt I've missed this on Bigfoot Encounters -...

Anomalous Observational Phenomena per cognitionem veritatis: Ben Matine Sasquatch Footage and The Yeti Of Bourganeuf

Most famous picture of Big Foot, although it was a hoax.

Stream bigfoot by ELYKK from desktop or your mobile device

Sasquatch In A Tree

North American Bigfoot: Eyewitness Drawings from the Phillipines

Bigfoot. Everyone knows squatches eat donuts.

Hunting Bigfoot in Florida

Chris Buzelli--The New York Times: How to Hunt Bigfoot

Washington Bigfoot

(Hoaxsters explained many times - still popular myth) Mount St. Creepy, without question.

Bigfoot Evidence: Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues To Stop Texas Bigfoot Hunt

Old vintage black white Photo of a captured Bigfoot sasquatch yeti hanging upside down from tree and man standing beside with gun hum ?

bigfoot 1 by foggie32

bigfoot 1 by

The Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch, is somewhat different than the other entries on this list – he is considered a cryptic, an animal which might exist but for which little to no scientific evidence exists. Described as ‘ape-like’, this ‘missing link’ stands well over six feet tall, prowling the wilds of America, particularly the Pacific Northwest

There is a belief that's powerful in the Northwest: The belief that Bigfoot exists. While some doubt that such a creature roams the wilderness of Washington, witnesses who have seen, heard and in many cases, smelled a Bigfoot, would tell you differently.

I Want To Believe Bigfoot Big Foot Sasquatch by ThoughtsToPrint

I Want To Believe Art Print - Bigfoot Wall Art - - Decor. This Fun Art Print is one of my original designs.

In the Bigfoot world, this story was BIG a few years ago.. Here goes the orginal email of Janice Carter to respected Bigfoot researcher Mary green: Click Website..

In the Bigfoot world, this story was BIG a few years ago. Here goes the orginal email of Janice Carter to respected Bigfoot researcher Mary green: Click Website.

1000+ images about Bigfoot on Pinterest | Paranormal, Ufo Sighting ...

Big Red Eye Encounters From NJ! “Not that I’m a big believer of urban legend and folklore, but I must tell you this story because after reading about The Big Red Eye in a recent issue, I got the chills!

Also known as the Sasquatch, sightings usually come out of the American Northwest. Although most experts consider the Bigfoot legend to be a combination of folklore and hoaxes, there are several that withhold their reservations. Like the Loch Ness monster, they say, Bigfoot may be a living remnant from the time of the dinosaurs – specifically a Gigantopithecus blacki – a supersize ape.

The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History

Bigfoot Genetic Research Proves the Existence of Sasquatch

Bigfoot on a game warden's trail cam

Camp in Bigfoot territory and search for Sasquatch. Hubby doesn't wanna go so need a hunting buddy.