I'm sobbing right now, this is so accurate Sometimes i feel now a days this is impossible

I will forever love all the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson characters. I will always have a crush on Leo, but still.I SHIP CALEO SO MUCH!

I got Poseidon! Percy and Tyson are my half-blood brothers!

Camp Half Blood Parentage Test (Mostly Accurate)

Camp Half-Blood Parentage Test: the only test that determines which Greek god or goddess would be your parent. I got Athena!

Percy Jackson-- No Longer Whole by Golden-Flute on deviantART (2). THIS IS JUST ART ALrighty.  He didn't lose his arm.

Percy Jackson-- No Longer Whole by Golden-Flute on deviantART (This is why I love mrs Jackson)

Already pinned this one but it is still so... I don't even know

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH No.Come on they can't be that stupid can they? How the hell can't they know about blue food? Logan plays Percy for crying out loud! He should know what blue food is!This is one of the many reasons the movies suck.

blue plastic hairbrushes?!?!?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Octavian: What, you're gonna his me in the eye? Me: Rachel hit The Lord of the titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.

Das stimmt doch, oder?

Ya finally got two fandoms in one pic! // Neville Longbottomed never gets old does it?

Who are u? Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter. This is hilarious!

The Heroes of Olympus Photo: Camp Half Blood! No, Camp Jupiter! Go bugs bunny! I hate camp jupiter too!----->I don't hate camp Jupiter I just like camp half blood better!


OK so I was in English class last year and we were doing the Greek mythology lesson. And this other guy besides me had read Percy Jackson. So when ever our teacher asked a question we would battle with who could answer the question.

Percy and Annabeth as children - by Burdge- by Juh1501.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Yesterday at lunch my friend said something about her chip and my other friend said " did u say your ship fell into a crack?" My first thought was Percabeth falling through Tarturas! I tried so hard not to cry.