designbby:  Notter  Vigne

Really nice examples of typesetting and column use. Especially like the additional paragraph inserted on the one column

By Craig Oldman and 70 or so others

The Hand Written Letter Project by Craig Oldham - I need to get my hands on a copy of this. it sound so neat.

A look at page numbering. The human eye only reads the top half of a number, so these remain readable.

FOLIO A look at page numbering. The use of generous margins is also nice. I like the mystery of the numbers though. The human eye only reads the top half of a number, so these remain readable, whilst becoming a designerly feature in itself.

Image result for serif font with swashes

perfect font for the words "wild rose." the "wild" looks a little crazy, "wild" and free while "rose" is classic, clean, and pretty.

Concept Unique hand drawn shape in same colours per episode Aesthetic: Simple black/one colour scheme focusing on simple hand drawn linework. Each podcast is unique, but also unified.

Sweet, curvaceous Table of Contents.

I liked that despite the simplicity of this table of contents design, it was still very visually enticing. The type manages to create a shape in the negative space and also create direction towards the next page.

Esempio allineamento giustificato

I like the text layout, bold letter and then little paragraphs. Usually used for a double-page spreads. But I dislike that no images have been used

We love to display innovative design, but by showing you these three examples of trending magazines we didn’t want to concentrate on the design of the publications only.

3 Examples of Trending Magazines and Conscious Living

Aesthete Label - The Bus Journal is a self-initiated publication about discovering everyday city life by public bus. By Sarah Le Donne

The Spinalis handbook is the clinic´s ”magnus opus” and covers what happens in the body in a spinal cord injury, how different organs are affected and how the rehabilitation works.