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The 100 || Richard Harmon || John Murphy

Murphy The 100

wow even Murphy recognizes bellarke

murphy noticing bellamy cares a lot about clarke bellarke

ahhaha Eliza I love her she is one of my favorite actresses http://catchup.podomatic.com/

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Eliza is hilarious in the real world. She's such agood actress as a serious character.

My thoughts throughout the entire show. The 100

That's what every single bellarke shipper thought in this moment

The 100. Never knowing nature, I can't even imagine that.

The Never knowing nature, I can't even imagine that.> can we just appreciate baby Clarke in this? Like she's smiling, she's in awe, she's actually clean and doesn't have cuts on her face. Basically before the crap hit the fan.

Ruiner of Everything

Read Dating Finn would include. from the story The 100 Preferences/ Imagines by Fandom_Feelz (Shea) with reads.