I have always loved anatomical works of art- ones on humans are no exception! This is fantastic (and also probably a little painful)!

Diana Eastman anatomy back tattoo (Though I love the idea of an anatomical tattoo such as this, I am bothered by the fact there are things that are out of place. Accurate portrayal, but doesn't match with the body of the person)

Heart dagger tattoo Blackwork anatomy anatomical

This for my arm tat cover up would not only work but it would be awfully symbolic.

amazing skull #tattoo

two-tone skull tattoo amongst the flowers by Niki Norberg of Wicked Tattoo in Göteborg, Sweden. Love the red color pop

Love the Black Ink with just a touch of Blue eyes...                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Beautiful grey shaded side tatoo of a cat. Love the splash of color in the eyes.