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We puerto ricans come in every color. Yup " your Puerto Rican? Wow you don't look it" or asked but are you 100 percent Puerto Rican.

I'm sorry, but we don't speak Mexican

I’m sorry, but we don’t speak Mexican

Oh my goodness!! YES!! Finally im not the only one!

All you white girls who think doing your hair is so hard. Some of us have to brush, straighten, then curl. And the worst is when you live in a humid place and the humidity.

She's brutally honest. Sometimes, she scares the sh*t out of you. But she also makes the best homemade tortillas this side of the border, and you love her unconditionally.  If you grew up with a Mexican or Mexican-American mom, you can totally relate: MORE: 16 Items That Will Remind You Of Growing Up Mexican-American

12 Memes You'll Understand If You Have A Mexican Mom

True story

Latinas Be Like Memes & Photos. this is all wrong on a few levels here. and don't forget, there's a diff btwn excitement (drama) and aliveness

Dating a Latina: 1. She's cute 2. Also funny 3. Well she's funny mean 4. Wait she's actually mad 5. I'm scared 6. Send help 7. Why is my house on fire Lol!!!!!

😂😂😂 so damn true! Dating a Latina: She's cute Also funny Well she's funny mean Wait she's actually mad I'm scared Send help Why is my house on fire Lol!