Lady Blueberry w/Bunnies Gnome Statue - Click to enlarge

Lady Blueberry w/Bunnies Gnome Statue Finally, an authority figure coming to your Gnomeo & Juliet garden! Lady Blueberry is finally in stock and shipping!

Now THIS I would totally put in my garden! Haha gnomes are creepy

Garden Gnome Flipping The Bird Concrete Rude Gnome Statues for Sale.Had to laugh . Remembering the gnomes from the move "The Full Monty"

Zwergensonntagsentspannung beim Spiel...

Gartenzwerg spielen Dame Gartenfigur ca. 30cm 2 Zwerge

NCAA garden gnomes are an ultimate source of entertainment and fun as well. Place a group of big NCAA gnomes in your garden right now!

These Gnomes are from Gentucky, Norway where walking sticks and brooms are made from the Pinus Curlius. They are hesitant to have photos taken as all might come to Gentucky to buy one.

Gnome with lantern are available in wide range so selecting one for any type of yard is not a daunting task. Gnome holding lantern looks very cute!

Tallula Girl Gnome - Ceramic Gnomes to Paint

A funny garden gnome book brings evidences how human beings have been benefited by using the funny creatures in the middle of the yards.

Isabella the Lady Gnome, 8" Tall by Sunnydaze Decor

Isabella the Lady, 8 Inch Tall Gnome by Sunnydaze Decor

Woman Garden Gnome Holding Basket of Berries 8 Inches Yard Decor Lawn Statue

Just like the Gnomeo & Juliet gnomes from the movie! <3

Disney/Miramax Gnomeo & Juliet Garden Statues