Christmas poem Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus serie

The Incredibles meet Percabeth, ahhhhhh what a great world we leave in

But I dont think Percy would ever actually dare to question Annabeth. Titans, evil gods, tartarus sure! But the wrath of Annabeth is not something you want to experience

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Percy's big bro thing is cute as heck

Trails of Apollo. This is literally exactly how they acted in the book.

trialsofapollo, heroesofolympus, percyjackson Can you hear the Persassy?

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

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Where I live, Greek Mythology has no individual subject in school.we have religion lessons but only "Uncle Rick" thing we had there was Egypt and I didn't read the books when this was.

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annabethchase, leovaldez, magnuschase, percyjackson For a minute I thought that it was Magnus Bane, not Magnus Chase.

Gone crazy over percy Jackson cuz I LOVE it!

I NOTICED THISSSSSSS!!!!! Started rolling around and freaking out. Totally made my day!

I reread the entire PJO series after reading Heroes of Olympus, and freaked out when I saw that Coach Hedge wrote a letter to Grover in The Last Olympian

I've actually quoted like this before XD

-My parents when I show them my collection of PJO and HoO books.


Royals (Heroes of Olympus Style) Sassy runs in my blood, right Percy.

.....My fandom, I'm so proud, but sometimes...I'm not sure about our mental stability.....

The Mysterious Ticking Noise - PJO/HoO Style!



Sally's gonna drown and she doesn't even know that Percy's in Tartarus I'm freakin out

You can't kill Sally Jackson.

Lol so true!! How the Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief movie inconsistencies with the book will be explained in Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!

The inconsistencies in the PJO movies explained. Even though they actually did a pretty good job of covering these up in the movie.

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