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ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH No.Come on they can't be that stupid can they? How the hell can't they know about blue food? Logan plays Percy for crying out loud! He should know what blue food is!This is one of the many reasons the movies suck.

"You can really feel how revolting this figure is. Why it's just a carved bit of stone yet i hate this man already"

Sally & Paul <<< yayyyy im so glad they wrote it so that paul understood thank the gods>>> Awww sally and Seaweed brain. Im still crying because of GABE

Of course all Annabeth had to do was kiss Percy's cheek...

Jason and Percy took it to a whole new level. But I wonder what Annabeth said to make Percy blush -> NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY THINGS<---------- i love you so much pinning for last comment:<< hahaha that was funny

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alex in a shirt she definitely owns that some people in this fandom definitely need to read

"Will Solace & Nico di Angelo"

HOW NICO AND WILL R SUPPOSED TO B! both will and nico are older here and are good friends, but they’re not together. also the two of them probably sat down later and will told nico all he knew about each name on his arm

The Dam Scene by incredibru

Zoe Nightshade, Grover Underwood, Thalia Grace, and Percy Jackson "The Titan's Curse" by Rick Riordan (art by incredibru