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Caballería francesa siglo XV. Autor Andrey Karashchuk

epicus: “ Cavalry of the Middle Ages. From top to bottom: French heavy knights, century. Knights of Burgundy, century. Livonian Brothers of the Sword, century.


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Tercio español 1550

Final stand of the Spanish tercio at the Battle of Rocroi against French gendarmes


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The cavalry charge that Richard, 'The Lion heart', and his knights made at the battle of Arsuf

Perry, Mike - Richard, Lion Heart & Knights Charging- Battle of Arsuf, 1191

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Great Creativity Leaves Scars …

George, Earl of Angus defeating the Black Douglases at the Battle of Arkinholm, 1455

Charge of the Third Dragoons. Battle of Dettingen. Illustration for Glorious Battles of English History (Raphael Tuck, c 1905).

Payne, Harry Charge of Dragoons- Battle of Dettingen- F- 'Glorious Battles of English History', 1905