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Best cut for fine-to-medium hair w/ tight spiral curls: long cut, the curlier, the longer the layers, hair tamed w/ defined curls & tapered at ends w/ layers- apply smoothing serum, gently scrunch damp strands, blow-dry hair w/ diffuser, using fingers to pull hair gently to preserve natural texture as much as possible, lightly apply curl cream to dry hair to define pieces in the front, use 1' curling iron on key pieces around your face, hairspray

9 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Getting a gorgeous haircut when you have naturally curly hair is a major challenge. Find the best haircuts for curly hair for your specific hair type, from fine, loose curls to natural hair with tight spirals.

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Trendy Naturally Curly Hair Look Picture Description You can't go wrong with a deep purple. The fade doesn't leave your hair looking as dry and damaged, which is already a struggle for people with curly hair.

better waves in naturally wavy hair

The Curly Girl Method Gave Me Curl Peace

Discovering the Curly Girl Method helped me love my wavy hair pattern and stop envying type 3 and 4 curls. Now I feel proud of my hair!

Perfectly Defined Long Curls in Simple or Adding a Knot Looks Prominent

Perfectly Defined Long Curls in Simple or Adding a Knot Looks Prominent