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How I feel a lot of the time because EVERYONE loves Madeleine. Like "excuse me, I don't think you be her Bestfriend. Step away from my Bestfriend. She is mine and you can't have her" ;

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100% relevant

This is so me.

"When I go to the bathroom during commercials and hear my show come back on" spongebob patrick

Being comforted.... if you click on it the pictures move

Things we all can relate to…

The difference between being comforted by a friend vs a best friend. Edna Mode from Disney's The Incredibles, giving a whole new meaning to bff and being besties to the most epic level~

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Um, yeah!!

Funny and Relatable! Lee This happened exactly like this, when I met my (now) ex-boyfriend's mom for the first time.

Waking up

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my mom take me and my friend to school every morning and we anit really what you call a morning person and when i showered her this she said that exactly how we are in the mornings lol:)

hahaha yes we have

:) more like every time we go to the pool and i have a noodle. It's not summer without a pool noodle :)


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