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Awe I miss snorkeling in Aruba and Curaçao and Jamaica. So beautiful!

Happy happiness having fun swim swimming with tropical fish in an island coral reef in the summer

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This bracelet carries water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. & she's holding a conch yum yum!

Pin | @sthaboutlara | Something About Lara

Pin | @sthaboutlara | Something About Lara


am I not turtle-y enough for the turtle club?

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livin' that flamingo life!


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Tortoise Pets – Reasons Why We Love Them!

Octopus lovin'

Octopus love under the sea 🐙

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oh hell no

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Apparently you can feed flamingos in Aruba. Now I want to goto Aruba.

Kijk snel naar deze ticketdeals naar de Bahama's! Een groep eilanden die een zelfstandige staat vormen en bekend staan om hun prachtige stranden, blauwe zee en prima klimaat waarbij je zeer grote kans hebt op een uitstekend weertje inclusief zon! https://ticketspy.nl/deals/ticket-naar-je-droomeiland-de-bahamas-vanaf-e596/

Swimming with piggies in the Bahamas /// DREAM

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couple pics

couple pics


under the sea What a wonderland sea star!

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Shells and sand

Tank fish    Google Image Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_6QgcjwFT2jk/TAjA19jY8SI/AAAAAAAAABI/DKw2D3ORdiU/s1600/fish_select_fresh.jpg

Basic Methods of Pet Care: Freshwater fish care tips