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This is SO cool!! This would be so awesome for a party, or a cultural wedding maybe? Fashion shoots, anything.

Black Filigree "FLOWER" Venetian Masquerade Mardi Gras Costume Halloween Mask

Her Royal Highness - Queen of Hearts Masquerade Mask Rhinestone Birthday Party, Halloween Costume, Masquerade Ball

Women with Mask Mask increasing the beauty of women because face is hidden and you see directly in eyes and eyes are the best thing which .

Costume Section Tribes: Osage   #Trinidad Carnival #Caribbean #Destination #Wedding ~ http://VIPsAccess.com/luxury-hotels-caribbean.html

Brazilian women are special and different than the women of the United States. The Brazilian woman is spontaneous, considerate, appreciative, sensual and beautiful.

Venice carnival costume/mask    #essenceofcarnival @paliotours

The Carnival of Venice, (Carnevale di Venezia), is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. I love Carnival costumes and masks.

https://flic.kr/p/4stMYV | Portrait of a lady in blue at the 2008 Carnivale in Venice | Taken on the first weekend of the Carnival in Venice, Italy, January 2008.

graciousmajesty: “ girl-like-that: “ Portrait of a lady in blue at the 2008 Carnivale in Venice (by Frank Kovalchek) ” I promise myself - I’ll spent some carnivals in Venice one day!

Resplendent masquerade

Venetian Lady (Dama di Venezia) - very refined and elegant mask, she portrays a noble Venetian beauty era Titian - very smart with intricately styled hair and hung with jewels. This lady has a few varieties: Valerie, Liberty, Fantasy, Salome etc.

Fire Dance Venice Carnevale 2013

Fire Dance Venice Carnevale 2013