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run away supernatural run spock peasant

rexbasileus: This GIF killed me know he’s chasing Khan but like I can picture is the day McCoy just says somethi.

KNOW THE CODE GUYS omggggggggg

How does NO ONE know why he is, seriously? Ugh but if I saw him in a movie in school, I'd just sit there silently fangirling and bouncing up in down in my seat but did you respond "thanks. i stole them from the president.

Annie Get Your Gun/Star Trek mash up. PERFECTION.

Anything Kirk can do Khan can do better, Khan can do Everything better than Kirk <----LOL I *do* love my good guy Starfleet officers, but I can (Khan?) totally hear them singing this." "Yes I Khan, yes I Khaaan!" :)<< yes I Khan tho

John Harrison/Khan from Star Trek: Into Darkness

Learn The ABCs With Benedict Cumberbatch

I didn't realize Benedict Cumberbatch was in Into Darkness so I freaked when he showed up on the screen.

15 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The Complete Opposite Of ‘Sherlock’…

15 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The Complete Opposite Of ‘Sherlock’…>>> actually I can picture Sherlock doing like so many of these things. Face it Ben is Sherlock