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Here's a first look at Walt Disney Animation Studios animated feature, Frozen. Next November you can join Anna & Kristoff in an epic journey to find Anna’s sister Elsa, the Snow Queen, and save their kingdom from eternal winter.

I like how it's someday my Prince will come and then once upon a dream. Like I'm a find love and then psssshhh in your dreams

Disney princesses + dreams This caption 👆 not even a little bit true. Somebody obviously doesn't know Disney Poor kid.

Uggh! Am I the only one who hated this movie?? No offense, I mean, to those frozen-lovers.

This musical reprise could have made Frozen even better

Frozen theory: Elsa is Olaf Hi, my name is Sir Didymus the Lionheart and I like warm hugs. I have a theory that Elsa is Olaf. This theory posits that Olaf is Elsa’s repressed childhood in the form of.


An act of true love ( Look closely, The way Anna shields Elsa with the whole of her body and is fully aware that she is going to get struck!


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Elsa from Frozen. my favorite scene I think, Elsa's transformation. She was so sassy! Plus, the song is amazing. "The cold never bothered me anyway.

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"Frozen" Is The Highest-Grossing Animated Film Of All Time

Quiz: What Disney Frozen Character are you? You're Olaf! You’re fun-loving, adorable, and love pretty much everyone. Summer is your favorite time of year, and you go through life with a song in your heart and a smile on your face.

The sketches of Jin Kim, the pencils are too. Walt Disney Animation Studios has released concept art and character visual development art for Frozen.

Enjoy a Collection of 90 Original Concept Art made for Disney's Frozen, featuring artworks from Jin Kim, Brittney Lee, Minkyu Lee & more. When the newly