Be a pirate or die — arie-ll: Magic Carpet phone backgrounds -...

Magic Carpet, known as "Carpet" Magical capabilities. Symmetrical with border and central design with floral and possible ogee influences. Found by resident of Agrabah: in Cave of Wonders in an undisclosed location.

 awww genie!

that part really shows how much Genie loves Aladdin. prince or street rat, all Genie saw was his friend ;) Alddin is my prince bruh

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast // Just realized that all my wedding concepts keep going back to this.

The women are the strong ones, truly.

I'm gonna pin this as Disney art appreciation- I've always loved the style that all of these movies are in. Oh what I'd give to be a Disney artist!

- ̗̀ @hsummer11  ̖́-

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