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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I started running because I thought I was being chased by a Tracker Jacker. Then I realized it was just a wasp. Then I realized I wasnt in the Hunger Games.

So me.

I still have quite a lot to say

How Culture Ends: Not with a bang...with a whisker

Web cats: How culture ends. Not with a bang … with a whisker

Shots Shots Shots!

This is definitely my mom, the nurse, during flu season. She once forced a college boyfriend to get a flu shot the first time I brought him home with me.


Funny memes that totally GET IT and want you to too.

Dressed Up LPE- match sole never looks dirty. danaval

hey arnold's skirt is really his shirt? i always thought it was a kilt. about time in my life to finally get this figured out.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I wish Kristen Stewart was in this movie... ...said no one ever.

SO TRUE. Do not like Kristen Stewart. I read somewhere that people thought she should be the main in 50 Shades. Seriously she will ruin it if they do.

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