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Facebook Wins And Fails

Wreck of the American Star (formerly SS America), seen from the land side, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands : photo by Wollex, 2 July

Oh my goodness. I want to try this, but I must admit I am a little terrified.

Quietest room in the world…

Oh my goodness. I want to try this, but I must admit I am a little terrified.--> I'm not the fact that the longest someone entry in that room is 45 minutes I wanna beat that record 😎😎😎

It's funny because I was just there this morning. Saw this cat multiple times.

He’ll be our next president…

Mayor Stubbs, the cat. Heck, I'd rather have him for President than Obama! President Stubbs, has a nice ring to it.

The Bermuda Triangle just became a whole lot creepier

SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR (I found this on a doctor who board. just gonna casually leave this here. ya know, in case one of you is the Doctor in hiding.) <- these comments, love how they don't relate to some creepy pyramids but the doctor who fandom

a turtle diaper - probably the best thing ever So cute!!

Funny pictures about Tortoise in a diaper. Oh, and cool pics about Tortoise in a diaper. Also, Tortoise in a diaper.

How about we take the Nopemobile?

Let’s take the Nope Mobile---- the nope mobile hahah

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How teachers really grade papers. <<I can say this is pretty accurate, I'm a TA and have witnessed teacher meetings where they grade papers


Not a big Blink 182 fan but still a better band than One Direction. If they can be called a band. Blink purposely did their music video like that to make fun of boy bands

Actual California/ Nevada Borderline, Lake Tahoe

at the cal-neva lodge in lake tahoe, the nevada/california state line actually runs through the swimming pool. fun fact: cal-neva was once co-owned by frank sinatra. this is cool awesome cause you can tell people you swam from nevada to california!

So imagine this hurtling towards you in the dead of night...real life hound of the baskervilles!

22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

hobbits-and-destiel: “ skeletonwang: “ that is not a dog that is the continent of australia ” clifford went through a goth phase ” Anubis is that you? I would name him Anubis. Needs a gold.

Achilles listens to his mother. Renaissance Art: 21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School.

21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

NO MOM. If art history was explained like this, I would have picked it as a major. Those jazz hands.