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theres no taming a leo if they dont want to be tamed. they are head-strong individuals and are not about that "caged-in" life

Oh wow. Umm ;( this describes me. I didn't know that

Leos are curious cats.^ well I am severely clinically bipolar so. yea i guess that's true lol

Ha!  Yep!

When it comes to a leo, don't ignore them or overlook their opinions, this will surely piss them off. VERY TRUE!

...especially by a short, aging woman with hefty legs and a belly roll who actually thinks she can even come close to comparing. Laughable to say the least!! I'd feel bad about myself too.

THIS IS advice for people at school This is one of my biggest pet peeves being copied I hate IT SOOO MUCH!

The Best Zodiac Facts

And the second you start ignoring me or blowing me off .... say goodbye to caring and kindness. #leo

leo is one of the most attentive signs of the zodiac, but they give only as much as they receive. if you can lavish your leo with praise and attention, they will shower you with caring and kindness

oh yeah!

The Best Zodiac Facts

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