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Rotor phasing is critical for any performance ignition.

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Hrdp 0909 01 Z+GM LS Engine Camshaft Test+

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Build It Yourself: LS Engine Building Tips And Techniques.

Build It Yourself: LS Engine Building Tips And Techniques - Power & Performance News

Turbocharger A "feeds" turbocharger B

How Compound Turbocharger Systems (Turbos) Work

In a compound turbocharger system, two turbos work in series, one after the other, to compress the incoming air, in contrast to a twin turbo system where two turbos in parallel share the work.

Before you swap that LS engine into your project car, you'll probably want to freshen it up and add more power with a rebuild. Chad Golen, from Golen High Performance Engines, lays out the basics of an LSx rebuild, and gives us tips on core selection, machine work, and areas to keep an eye on during assembly...

Golen High Performance Engines lays out the basics of an LS rebuild and gives us tips to make sure your build can stand the abuse you'll throw at it.

checklist for fine and gross motor skills for children 3-5

This checklist is organized by fine and gross motor skills. It begins with simple tasks and progressing to more complex skills. For children age.

Flat black? Now your talking!

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6 125 Inch Forged Rods

6 125 Inch Forged Rods