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It is bitter irony to see people who can’t let go of someone or something for fear of emptiness in their life … yet their spirits are wasting away beacuse they choose to hold on

The Last Migration (by amonick)

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Out of the mouth of babes, or, in this case, rabbits!

Elephants never forget, and their old age gifts them with admirable wisdom. Humans can learn so much about life, solitude and love when studying how this ancient mammal carries their weight no matter how heavy, with such remarkable grace and beauty.A universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck. __ele are always adorable.

So simple, so good! Maybe I should write a childrens book :)


Your inner wisdom will show you how to release your self-doubt. Just decide to do it, then watch as the Universe brings you the teacher, the thought, the workshop, that's just perfect!

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Happiness, Inspirational, Self Improvement, Books

Keep moving forward. All of a sudden I have that part in Meet the Robinsons when all those fireworks and that big sign fly out and it's all like "KEEP.

set them free...

If you love somebody, set them free If . Did that years ago!

Words To Live Life By

I came to realize that fear is the worst of it. Thats the real enemy. So get up, get out in the real world quote Walter White / Heisenberg - Breaking Bad

Fear judgement

I know who I am.

Stay busy and stay positive... idle minds create shit negative thoughts

Over thinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off things that don't help you. Think positive.

Some day I will figure out my self worth.

Sometimes people will leave and make you think falsely you need fixing. So keep in mind to stand guard over your Self-Worth to prevent the wrong people from getting in.

Citaat: je hebt moed nodig om te groeien en te zijn wie je werkelijk bent

"it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" be brave. it is worth it.

It’s wonderful when you can bring sparkle into people’s lives without fading away from your own true color. Keep the hue in you

The attitude

Attitude you have along the journey makes the journey an adventure and not something to endure while you get to your destination.

Dodinsky quote

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