Brand: Punkin ButtFeatures: Punkin Butt Oral Care Oil is 100% natural and 100% safe. It is the perfect natural remedy made by infusing organically grown herbs into organic carrier oils. We then add a touch of essential oils to help bring safe and fast relief to any oral irritations you are feeling. To use, simply massage the oil gently onto the affected gums with clean and dry fingers or a q-tip as often as needed. Our highly effective and safe formula is perfect for a variety of oral issues that need a little care and numbing comfort. model number: PBBA79FBAPart Number: PBBA79FBADetails: We make each bottle with love! It starts with a deep infusion of organic herbs and plants by soaking them in our carrier oils under the warm Texas sun, then we add a touch of essential oils to increase ef Cruelty Free, Texas Sun, Natural Remedy, Organic Herbs, Carrier Oils, Oral Care, Glass Bottle, Drink Bottles, Glass Bottles