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The Fangirl Oath. I, Alexa, pledge myself to fiction books. I turn my back on the company of people, accept eternal nerd-hood, and join the fandoms.

Yup, that's me! This is why I think the creepypasta fandom is scarier than the Sherlock fandom! I'm in both, but the creepypastas have so much more of a...range...of weirdness XD Creepy Things, Creepy But True, Creepy Stuff, Creepy Cute, Cool Stuff, Nerdy Things, Kawaii Things, Kawaii Stuff, Interesting Stuff


Forever will love my kawaii desu fashion and plushies and forever will play horror games and watch horror mo

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The camp thing for music idols NEEDS to be a thing like seriously Tumblr Posts, Doctor Who, Fangirl, Civilization, Harry Potter, Random Stuff

The camp thing for music idols NEEDS to be a thing like seriously

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Most people can’t describe fandoms, fangirling/fanboying, OTP, Cannons, Feels and other fandom terms. Fandom: a group of dedicated indiv…

Rule: if I can't marry my baby, then he better marry the one I ship him with XD Percy Jackson, Me Gustas, Solangelo, Percabeth, Dean And Castiel Kiss, Nerd Girl Problems, Fangirl Problems, Otaku Problems, Destiel

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What am I supposed to post this to?!!?!? << At least i only have two to choose between <<< I'm disappointed I didn't get to repost this sooner Undertale Souls, Undertale Au, Undertale Quotes, Frisk, Funny Undertale, Steven Universe Quiz, Adventure Time Crossover, Wendy Corduroy, Gravity Falls Au

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You can’t buy fun but you can download it

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I like this except...Why is mabel here? All she did the whole show was be selfish and mess everything up...she didn't save anyone..

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This is now what I am calling all female Percy Jackson fans. ->> I love how we get new names according to each fandom we are in but in the end, we are all the same :)-->Now we know how I got my name mortals:)

When you see a fellow fandom member in public.  FAN FAN FAN FAN FAN! My Tumblr, Tumblr Posts, Tumblr Stuff, Tumblr Funny, Fandoms Unite, Memes, Superwholock, Fangirl, Divergent

I freaked out over finding another fan of not only Loki but also The Walking Dead. THE POWER OF THE FANDOMS!