Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali a Somalian refugee and ex-Muslim who transitioned from a "world of faith" to a "world of reason" supports Trump's travel ban and his realistic view of the dangers of radical Islam

Surrender never comes easily.

Economic Downturn Leaves Alberta Animals In Major Crisis – AngusPost

Ontario Liberals' Desperate Hydro Subsidy Is Going To Cost You Big Time

The Liberal Party's hydro subsidy smacks of desperation. It's bad policy, and playing politics over rising electricity prices is going to be expensive.Just like with the gas plant scandal, the Liberal.

The extravagant spending by federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s…

The extravagant spending by federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s department on last year’s Paris climate change summit tells us something.

Senior discounts can help older travellers save money when travelling in Canada, on things like train fares, restaurants and hotels.


Three recent headlines remind us that the elites are making decisions completely disconnected from the way regular Canadians live.

Sousa Brown

Sousa claims hydro bills going down

What you don’t know about carbon pricing | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun

We’ve been looking through the Ontario government’s promotion of its looming cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme starting next year and here are some of the things Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals aren’t telling you.

Trudeau adopting wrong immigration approach | Malcolm | Columnists | Opinion | T

The devastating wars of the Middle East have now spilt into Europe, thanks to decades of careless immigration and integration policies.

If there is one thing that is bipartisan in Washington, it is brazen hypocrisy.

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