Vegan doughnut recipes and ideas

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there are donuts that have been glazed with glaze
The Best Vegan Champagne Donuts!
These sweet frosted vegan champagne donuts are deliciously vanilla-flavored and unique - made with a generous splash of bubbly! #vegandonuts #champagnedonuts #vegandoughnuts
chocolate donuts with pink sprinkles on top and the words peppermint mochanuts vegan
Vegan peppermint mocha donuts
These homemade Vegan Peppermint Mocha Donuts are baked, quick to make, and easy to decorate! #vegan #winterdonuts #peppermintrecipes #christmasrecipe
vegan nutella filled donuts on a grill with powdered sugar and spoon
Vegan Nutella Filled Doughnuts | Heart of a Baker
there are donuts that are on the rack and in front of it is an advertisement for vegan gluten - free doughnuts
Golden Milk Donuts (vegan + gluten-free)
Golden Milk Donuts. Easy, fluffy, turmeric-infused baked donuts with just the right amount of spice and a sweet golden glaze on top. #vegan #glutenfree #turmeric #healthyrecipes #donuts #doughnuts #goldenmilk #easyrecipe #veganbaking #plantbased
heart shaped vegan churros are coated in strawberry sugar and then dipped with chocolate
Heart-Shaped Churros Coated with Strawberry Sugar | Vegan
Heart-Shaped Churros coated in Strawberry Sugar and served with Chocolate Sauce | #vegan #churros #heartshaped #valentinesday #strawberry #dessert #sweet
vegan oven baked churros on a plate with dipping sauce and cinnamon sticks
Vegan Oven Baked Churros with Chocolate Ganache and Caramel - Labeless Nutrition
Vegan Oven Baked Churros
a stack of doughnuts with raspberry glaze and blackberries on top
Baked Blackberry Donuts (vegan and gluten free) - Allergylicious
These baked lemon glazed blackberry donuts are light and cakey and hard to resist. It's the perfect breakfast! |Recipe| #vegan #bakeddonut #doughnuts #glutenfreedonut #dairyfree #nutfree #berrydonut
three glazed doughnuts sitting on top of white plates with cinnamon sprinkles
Chai-Spiced Baked Vegan Doughnuts
Baked Vegan Doughnuts flavoured with warm chai spices are the perfect treat to make and serve at breakfast or brunch, or to enjoy with your afternoon chai tea. They can also be made gluten-free! #bakeddoughnuts #bakeddonuts #vegandonuts #glutenfreedonuts #veganglutenfree
chocolate glazed doughnuts with the words classic vegan chocolate glazed on them
Classic Vegan Chocolate Glazed Donuts
Fluffy, baked, PERFECT, classic vegan chocolate glazed donuts! Just 25 minutes to make and are baked - aka you can have two! Dairy free, egg free. #itdoesnttastelikechicken
mini churros stacked on top of each other with text overlay
Mini Churros Donuts ( Gluten-free+Vegan)
three vegan pumpkin spice donuts stacked on top of each other
Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donuts
These vegan pumpkin spice donuts are simply the BEST! They're baked to perfection and so easy to make. You'll love these light & fluffy donuts loaded with pumpkin spice flavour! #donutrecipes #vegandesserts #fallrecipes #pumpkinrecipes #choosingchia
three vegan gf baked caramel donuts stacked on top of each other
Caramel Baked Vegan Donuts | Gluten-Free – Blooming Nolwenn
These Caramel Baked Vegan Donuts are glazed with an easy vegan date caramel sauce and are delicious. They are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free and Refined Sugar-Free as they are only sweetened with dates.
three vegan coffee cake donuts on a white plate with a glass of milk in the background
Easy Vegan Coffee Cake Donuts - Sweet Like Cocoa
This is an easy and delicious take on a classic. These vegan coffee cake donuts pack all the flavour of coffee cake, in donut form! Topped with an amazing cinnamon streusel, these are the coffee cake lovers ultimate dream.