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a black and brown dog with the words do dachshunds shed?
Do Dachshunds Shed?
Dachshund shedding is a thing, but remember that there are 3 types of dachshund coats - smooth, long, and wire haired. Each one sheds differently, and have different grooming needs.
two wolfs standing next to each other in the snow and one is on a chain
14 Dogs that Look Like Wolves
Can you spot the difference? Discover rare dog breeds that look just like wolves but are actually dogs.
a gray and white dog with the words 10 true blue dog breeds
10 Blue Colored Dog Breeds
It's time to get to the bottom of this - not all blue dogs are actually blue! Here we explain what a blue dog breed actually is, and then you can learn who the 10 TRUE BLUE dogs actually are.
a dog is hiding under a door with the words, 26 diy indoor dog gates and pet barriers
26 DIY Indoor Dog Gate and Pet Barrier Ideas | PlayBarkRun
Who says building your own DIY dog gate has to be complicated? We found 26 of the best homemade pet barriers and gates (with build instructions). Learn how to build everything from simple fabric dividers to amazing woodworking projects.
a dog with its tongue out and the words 12 dogs that don't drool
12 Dogs That Don't Drool | PlayBarkRun
I get it. Drool is gross. Let's talk about dogs that don't drool, and what causes excess drool in the first place.
two dachshund puppies playing in a pile of blue and green fabric
Snuffle Mat DIY - How To Make Fun Brain Puzzles For Your Dog | PlayBarkRun
How to make the ultimate nose work puzzle for your dog. Snuffle Mats exercise their nose and brain to get the hidden treats. It simply takes a rubber mat and some fleece to make!
a person is grooming a dog's hair with text overlay that reads, how to hand striping dogs expert groomer explains
Hand Stripping Dogs - Expert Groomer Explains Everything
What is hand stripping? Why is it so important? Does it hurt? What breeds get hand stripped? What tools do we use? These are all common questions that our expert groomer answers.
a white dog with long hair sitting on the grass in front of a blue sky
16 Dogs With Long Beautiful Hair | PlayBarkRun
Like Fabio on a windy day, this list is all about dogs with gorgeous, free-flowing locks of hair. These are all the breeds that make you wonder what hair care products they must use.
a dog is getting his nails brushed by someone's hand with the caption, how do dogs scared of nail trims? 6 tips from the experts
Dog Scared of Nail Clipping? 6 Tips from Expert Groomer | PlayBarkRun
Professional groomer Katlin explains how she trims dozens of paws each day and how to make the process a little less scary.
a white dog standing in the snow with text overlay that reads 11 dogs that look like german shepherds
11 Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds
The second most popular dog in the US is the German Shepherd. But did you know there are many variations of this breed? Here's the 11 best lookalikes and what makes them different.
a dog sitting in a bathtub with the words 17 dogs that don't smell
17 Dogs that Don't Smell - Pro Groomers Tell Their Story | PlayBarkRun
Groomers and skin specialists explain why some dogs just have a funky smell, and how some breeds stink far less than others.
an info sheet showing different types of dogs
Dachshund Colors, Patterns, and Markings | PlayBarkRun
Dachshund Colors, Patterns, and Markings | PlayBarkRun
two dogs are sleeping under a blanket with their heads resting on top of each other
29 Heart Warming Dog Quotes
Inspirations dog quotes about life and love - “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day”
a brown and white dog with the words, 10 dogs with long dropy ears
10 Dogs with Long Droopy Ears | PlayBarkRun
Ever wonder why some dogs have extra long ears? And what breeds have those droopy ears? It's not just hound dogs who have them.
a dog eating out of a bowl with the title 8 probiotic dog treat recipes
8 Homemade Probiotic Dog Treat Recipes
Probiotics for dogs have shown to improve digestion, immunity, mood, and overall health. So learn to make your own delicious probiotic treats with these DIY Recipes.