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someone is holding up some cards to show them how to make an easter basket with eggs
Easter Agamograph Template - Craft World
Easter Agamograph Template #craft #craftwold #makeyourcraft #craftstyle
a young boy sitting at a table with some coins in front of him and the words, 100 engineering projects for kids
FREE List of 100 Engineering Projects for Kids with Printables
This excellent list of 100 FREE Engineering Projects for Kids features free engineering unit studies, scientific printables, building and construction proje
an air pressure experiment for kids to learn how to use thermometers and fill jars
Balloon Air Pressure Science Experiment for Kids
Balloon Air Pressure Experiments for Kids
five different colored rocks with text that reads do it yourself gemstones from plastic bottles
31 DIY Projects Made With Plastic Bottles
Build a Walking Robot
We’re Educators, Makers, & Engineers, and We're Passionate About What We Do. Shop Today!
someone is holding up some paper bunny cards
Easy Party Crafts For Kids
Creative Arts And Crafts For Kids #Funcrafts
How do flowers bloom?
Make colorful paper flowers that open when placed in water!
a person is throwing balls into a bowl on top of a white plate and another hand reaching for it
Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity
Brusspup has released a new video featuring awesome science tricks using static electricity. They show how to make a plate hover in the air, how to pull an aluminum can across a table, and more. All of these tricks take advantage of static electricity. In general, the lower the humidity, the better these tricks will
a young boy wearing glasses and holding something in his hand with the words 13 fabulous science website
13 Fabulous Science Websites
Looking for great science websites for your classroom? Here is a list of 13 awesome science websites for elementary students!
two children are making homemade machines in the kitchen and one is holding a tube with blue liquid
Simple Machines Science Lesson: Lift Water with An Archimedes' Screw - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Simple Machines Science Lesson: Lift Water with An Archimedes' Screw
an advertisement for robotics projects with images of robot toys and instructions to make them look like they are flying
Build Fun Robots with Students | Science Buddies Blog
science fair projects for kids and adults
Kids Science Experiments
Science fair projects for kids. Ideas for all ages including toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged children. #scienceexperimentskids #scienceforkids #sciencefairprojects #sciencefortoddlers #scienceforpreschoolers #amazingscienceexperiments #experimentsforkids #science #kidscrafts #activitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose
a man in white lab coat holding beakle with test tubes and flasks
A Science Demo Day That Students Will Never Forget
9 Science Demos For an Awesome Demo Day in Your Science Class
a person holding a pencil in front of an oven
25+ Must-Try Summer Science Activities for Kids
How to Make Lightning - Two simple science experiments for kids to demonstrate how to make sparks and explain how lightning occurs. More
how to make bubble gum with text overlay
How to Make Bubble Gum
Now this isn't just a recipe, it's a science experiment! How cool is that!!! Here's how to make Bubble Gum!