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a cell phone sitting on top of a building with a city in the back ground
Portable card phone holder - GREEN
Wallet sized. Adjustable angle. Fits any phone. Foldable Tripod is the world's first phone stand that can transform from a chip of card to a fully articulated stand that holds at the most extreme angles. Designed for maximum functionality and portability, the Foldable Tripod can fully adjust the angle continuously, and move from portrait to landscape. Main features No Selfie Stick Required-Set up your perfect shot without the awkward arm in either landscape or portrait mode. Stable At Any Angle-
an aerial view of a train crossing over a bridge in the middle of a forest
Nat Geo Travel on X
Nat Geo Travel on Twitter: "Crossings like bridges for bears and tunnels for tortoises have significantly reduced the number of wildlife-car collisions worldwide." / Twitter
the charge card is attached to an iphone or ipod charging station with two usb cables
NOMAD® Tools for the modern Nomad
ChargeCard for iPhone 5 - The Cable That Fits In Your Wallet
a hand holding a white cell phone in front of a window with the words drawbraile phone on it
Tag: Cellphones | OhGizmo!
Draw Braile phone
an orange and white origami kite next to a cell phone
iphone accessories Archives | iPhone speaker by Chun-Chieh Yang - Yanko design #origami #iPhone #turnthemusicup #tech #gadgets
two hands are holding a battery holder
Battery Checker