Super Bowl Sunday

Do you find yourself looking for great recipes to serve on Super Bowl Sunday? Poetry Living has done the work for you. Here are a collection of easy to prepare…
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a bottle of wine that is next to a white wall with the words pinnacle on it
Desserts just taste better with Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider, available at your LCBO. For tasting and serving notes:
a new england football team cake on a wooden table
Experienced bakers only but we couldn't resist including this cake.
four chocolate covered strawberries are arranged on a white platter, ready to be eaten
This one is so simple it doesn't even need a recipe. Just dip strawberries into your favourite melted chocolate (Ghirardelli?) and then ice.
chocolate football cookies with frosting on a plate
Use your own favourite brownie recipe or if you don't have one try this.
a bottle of true north cream ale
Go Local!! And we like it ice cold. I bet you didn't know Magnotta brewed beer too. Also try Flying Monkeys and Red Line Brewhouse Both in Barrie.
a plate with some green vegetables and dip in it next to another bowl on the table
Shall we dip? Avocado adds great taste and colour to any menu.
a white bowl filled with chili and beans next to a glass of water on a table
Just the basics please. If you have to mask the taste then you're just not making it right. We love it simple.
tortilla chips with salsa and lettuce on top
Nachos are always a great way to get things started. Guaranteed to whet the appetite.
there are many fried food items on the plate and next to it is a glass of beer
For a healthier alternative go baked! It's just not the Super Bowl without wings.
there is a green plate that has some meat stacked up on top of each other
It's hard to go wrong with Jamie Oliver. A classic take on ribs that can be done on be BBQ or in the oven.