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Really funny ones toward the end. -greatest website ever- 50 people you wish you knew. I laughed for a good ten minutes at all the pictures. Worth opening the pin.

my room. now. please.

Buy your Hot Air Balloon Mobile with 5 Balloons by Flensted Mobiles here. The Hot-Air Balloon Mobile features a gathering of Hot-Air balloons in bright colors and is the perfect addition to your child's r

graduated from crayons

Color Pencils Artist: Jonna Pohjalainen, Helsinki Location: Pedvale, Latvia Local aspen trees sharpened and ends painted to resemble colored pencils. Now that's one HUGE colored pencil!

if only

This picture represents being a Transcendentalist because one way you can be one is to live in nature and be one with nature, and whoever lives here is definitely doing that. This place looks like a very nice place to live to appreciate nature everyday.