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Lucas Facca
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Nazi salutes and anthems accompany the smouldering pile - book-burning gathering, May 10, 1933  This shows how Hitler knew the power of words and how they would give people hope. thats why he buned them.

Germany, the “threat” of intelligence. Book burning in Opera Square, Berlin, May "anti-German" books were burned by nazis.

Quote from the Qur'an. This book has caused so many deaths by the misinterpretation of its words.

The Prayer of Prophet Musa (Quran Surat Taha) The most powerful dua, God bless Musa and his family.

How mein kampf swayed so many people in hitlers favour

HIstory ~ Soldiers goose-step past the Führer in honor of Hitler's birthday, April Less than five months later, on September the Third Reich's forces invaded Poland; on September England and France declared war on Germany. The Second World War had begun.