Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Our 2015 Learning Environment!

Our 2015 Learning Environment!

We are so excited about another year in Room We have worked hard to set up our classroom environment to be a 'third teacher' for ou.

10 Playful Spatial Reasoning Provocations – inspired by play

10 Playful Spatial Reasoning Provocations

As our kindergarten team continues to learn more about children and their development in spatial thinking and reasoning, we are continually searching for and creating meaningful provocations and ex…

10 Playful Spatial Reasoning Provocations

First Grade Wow: Fiction and Non Fiction

Fiction NonFiction Have this sign at the center and have kids sort books according to their attributes. (Cover spine labels at first and then reveal them to help connect fiction/nonfiction with Dewey!

Awesome Measurement Teaching Ideas.

Awesome Measurement Teaching Ideas.

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Rabbit Road: the journey through our pet rabbit inquiry. The audit trail is a great way to document the process of our thinking and learning as it unravels.