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Homeschooling support for parents of preschoolers. Fun and easy early learning activities. Curriculum and teaching resources for best practices.
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the family memories felt keepsake is an easy and fun craft for kids to make
Felt Cutouts Family Keepsake Craft
Make a family keepsake the whole family will love. Cut out felt footprints to place on a felt canvas. Frame the footprints as a special decoration. Preserve family memories with this easy craft using felt footprints. Make the footprints at home, or as a preschool class project for the felt board.
the words diy crafts and instruments for kids fun with music are featured in this collage
Musical Instruments To Make for Preschool Homeschool Activities
Make your own instruments to provide music and movement to everyday play. Preschoolers will love keeping the beat with drums or shakers they make themselves. #parenting #preschool #sensoryactivity
the words learning abc's with letter cards are arranged on top of each other
Preschool Literacy Activities with DIY Letters of the Alphabet
Prepare a set of letter cards for easy hands-on fun and learning with preschoolers. Place a set of cards withing easy reach so early learners can access for independent play. #earlyliteracy #parenting #preschoolcurriculum
books with the title 6 easy ways to make story time amazing without opening a book
Easy Ways to Make Story Time Amazing
Traditional story times can be even more amazing with props and extended play ideas. Make story time fun and hands-on with these easy tips. #earlyliteracy #earlylearningprogram
the words, a simple easy way to do preschool at home with daily checklist supplies needed and what to teach
How To Homeschool Preschool: Getting Started - Blue and Hazel
handprinted hands with text overlay that says tips for developing an early learning program
Convenient Guide for Preparing an Early Learning Program - 4 Part Series
This comprehensive guide provides helpful resources for developing an early learning program #earlylearningcurriculum #preschoolprogram #ece
the free printable homeschool plan is shown in this image with text overlay
My No Plan Homeschool Plan - The Kitchen Table Classroom
When we started to homeschool I was excited about teaching & learning with my kids. Spending evening and weekends on a homeschool plan was not so appealing!
the top ten homemade painting tools for kids to use in their art projects and crafts
14 Homemade Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities
14 homemade painting tools for kids painting activities #diy #paintingwithkids #kidsart #prekteacher
the top ten homemade paints for kids activities
19 Homemade Paints for Preschool Painting Activities
Homemade paints easy to make for painting activities with kids #diy #paintingwithkids #kidsart #prekteacher
the steps to painting with preschoolers
9 Tips to Make Painting with Preschoolers Fun and Easy
Tips for painting with preschoolers for easy setup and cleanup #creativeplay #prekart
a woman in yellow dress holding a clock with the words 7 tips for a better homeschool morning routine
7 Tips for a Better Homeschool Morning Routine → Royal Baloo
Are you desperate for a better way to start your morning but don't know where to start? Tired of age-old advice of just setting an alarm? This night owl is changing her ways using some of these tips - and it's time to share. #homeschool #morningroutine
a young boy painting with blue and white paint on a piece of paper while sitting at a table
An Everyday Story - Baby Gifts, Kids Toys & Motherhood
I'm Not Patient Enough to Homeschool
the ultimate guide to creating an engaging homeschool preschool
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Preschool
Are you ready to start preschool at home? Check out this ultimate guide to homeschool preschool and get started with preschool activities at home today. #preschoolathome #homeschoolpreschool #preschooler #homepreschool