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Heather Scotland
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Omaha Beach on D-Day

Omaha Beach on D-Day - the price paid for freedom.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE salah satu neraka pasukan sekutu dalam PD 2 dmna bnyk prajurit US gugur saat merebut pantai tsb

An American GI on a recon mission near Tronia, Sicily 4/5 August 1943/Robert Capa

American soldier takes part in a reconnaissance mission to capture the the town of Troina, a hillside town on the road to the port city of Messina which was heavily guarded by German forces; Sicily, Italy - August 1943 Photo by Robert Capa

Irish Cheddar Cheese Soup in a pretzel bowl.  Again, need I say more?

From The Butter Dish, Irish cheddar cheese soup in pretzel bowls like that served at Le Cellier Steakhouse, in Epcot® World Showcase at Walt Disney World. (Link on page for pretzel roll recipe.

Avocado Cream Pasta Sauce Recipe

Avocado Cream Pasta Sauce Recipe Appropriate for Levels Use with spaghetti squash or zucchini pasta instead of wheat pasta