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One simple way to make Family Guy a whole new level of funny, add American Dad.

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Just Stewie.

Just Stewie.

4,037 points • 183 comments - Just Stewie. - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

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Forsale Lander

Peter as Oogie Boogie ha ha ha! Although Lois as Sally and Stewie as Jack is a little weird.... Haha how funny!!

NBC FAMILY GUY by HalloweenBloodyQueen on DeviantArt

well heres my new pic ^-^ the griffin family as the nigthmare before christmas characters! im sure u can guess whos who XD JUST LETTING YA KNOW I DO NOY... NBC FAMILY GUY

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Family guy funny

Just Peter Griffin being Peter Griffin
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Pea Tear Griffin

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Peter Griffin | Anime Profile Pictures

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Stewie and Brian try to get kicked out of the Army..
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Family Guy Quotes on Twitter

“Stewie and Brian try to get kicked out of the Army..”

They're so cute!

Family Guy Quotes on Twitter

“They're so cute!”

When we got a small reminder that Brian is, in fact, a dog.

"Pretend I'm your child, Lois! NOT MEG!"

@FamGuy_Quotes The many faces of Brian Griffin ... @SethMacFarlane
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“@FamGuy_Quotes The many faces of Brian Griffin ... @SethMacFarlane”

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They suck with money..

Family Guy Quotes on Twitter

“They suck with money..”

Zach Sawyer

Family Guy Quotes on Twitter

“Zach Sawyer”