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jessica marie
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Loves Jesus and beer! Tony isn't country at all but thank The Lord all mighty that his redneck family have great morals, great Saturday nights and loves The Lord our Savior, Jesus!

The reason girls want a country boy is because they are the only ones whose mamas taught them how to treat a lady.every other boy just date girls because they want the love but country boys were raised to treat a lady right

The Big Bang Theory - Oh Sheldon

"There was a guy I liked." "I'm the guy." "You're not the guy." "You call me sweetie all the time." "I call everyone sweetie." "You tramp." -Penny and Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

the big bang theory

Blossom aka Amy Farrah Fowler - I remember the watching the top part and then freaking out 50 episodes (sure. why not) later when Blossom showed up.