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One direction

literally they are my three different moods my most mood is probly liam in school niall at home watching one direction videos and the other guy when I am board. Three of my only moods in one picture!

So what's your favorite song on Midnight Memories? Mines Happily :)

So what's your favorite song on Midnight Memories? mine is through the dark and little white lies and diana

HAHAHA!  This is perfection

how am i gonna survive the movie <<< seriously. We can't survive a music video, how in the WORLD are we going to survive a MOVIE? I had to keep pausing cause of how hard I was fangirling! I CAN'T PAUSE THE MOVIE!

They're perfect

These five boys make up one direction. Five boys that girls freak over. True Driectioners know all about of these five boys. They don't believe the rumors. They defend the boys. They are there for them now and forever. Like if you are a true directioner.

I am very proud!!

At first, I thought this song was about partying and just having fun but since the video came out, I've realized it's their most meaningful video/song they have ever released as a single.