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Poor Dave...I almost feel bad for my uncontrollable laughter....Almost...

A doomed timeline of myself just split off and died laughing and is now partying in the dream bubbles like it's 2015 and the gigaupdate has happened>>dear god I can't stop laughing send help XD


I do this aaalllllll the time with my best friend.I am taller so I just sort of lean down on her boobs. Being the tall one with reason and common sense is a trouble.

funny mituna captor | playbunny:I felt like drawing a cute, happy Mituna today uvu

Why is the Captor family the most adorable thing I have ever seen?<<< I put "bitches love captors" underneath a pic of Sollux and a pic of Mituna and I had it as my lockscreen for a while.

FIGHT <<< it's called a strife thank you very much.

FIGHT <<< it's called a strife thank you very much. you know you're a homestuck when you call fighting 'strifing'

oh myyyy gggggooooooodnessss. i just cant! its to cute!!!!!!!!!!!! squeeeelllllll!!!!!!!!

Karkat grub is just SO. DHGTJSTHASGKGF>>>This is kinda sad for me since I have a headcanon where Karkat has super scary nightmares