Trudeau's boys. Justin, Michel and Sacha.

L-R Justin, Michel, and Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau attended the swearing in ceremonies of their father Pierre .

A clown at times.

Mary Walsh, in character as Warrior Princess Marg Delahunty, took This Hour Has 22 Minutes news cameras to a Sarah Palin book signing. Poor Palin, clueless at the best of times, had no idea she was…



A pirouette at Buckingham Palace.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau doing a pirouette behind Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, 1977

April 6, 1968. Pierre wins the leadership of the Liberal party.

April Pierre wins the leadership of the Liberal party.


Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is shown in this Nov. Trudeau is "not well" and is receiving medical attention but he is resting comfortably 2013023

Trudeau and Castro

1976 -- Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro and Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau join in a singalong during the P.'s Latin American Tour.

Pierre and Margret

The photography portfolio of Peter Bregg - Toronto Canada photographer