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Elvis on stage in Hartford in july 28 1976.

Elvis on stage in Hartford in july 28 It's must have stro

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Elvis when he was, sadly, messed up.  This is how I DON'T want to remember him.  So sad what sucess & fame did for him.  :'(

Elvis Presley rants against the rumours 1974 - 'Strung out'? No, sir, not Elvis. Here he vents his anger at the rumours of his drug addiction, declaring that when he finds the person spreading the lies he will 'break your God damned neck!

Shrek is inspired by a real person wrestler maurice

Photographed by Irving Penn, Elvie saw a signed vintage silver print of this 2014 for Euro. all you Shrek fans! Professional wrestler Maurice Tillet, aka The French Angel, was the inspiration for Shrek’s character design.

#McCurry chiama ogni mese #SharbatGula perché ha bisogno di sapere come sta.

The 'Afghan Girl'. Her Iconic Photo Appeared On The Cover Of National Geographic In Her Piercing Sea-Green Eyes - Became A Symbol Both Of The Afghan Conflict & Of The Refugee Situation Worldwide. She Was Finally Found & Rephotographed In